Learn the Truth Before Voting: Miami-Dade State Attorney's Race

Four correctional guards killed Darren Rainey by locking him in a 180-degree shower for two hours. State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle didn’t charge those guards and hasn’t charged a single police officer for an on-duty killing in 27 years.

Melba Pearson is committed to implementing common-sense criminal justice reforms and holding bad cops and corrupt politicians accountable. The Election is August 18th, 2020.

Captions from the video:

“I’m Melba Pearson, and I’m running for Miami-Dade State Attorney. Katherine Fernandez Rundle, in her 27 years in office, has never once filed charges against a police officer for an on-duty killing.  I’m running to bring common-sense criminal justice reforms and I will always stand up to bad cops and corrupt elected officials who abuse our communities.”

“Before you vote, you need to learn the facts about Katherine Fernandez Rundle and what you hear may shock and horrify you.  Darren Rainey was an inmate at Dade Correctional serving 2 years for cocaine possession. Darren Rainey was murdered when four correctional officers locked him in a 160 to 180-degree shower for nearly 2 hours. He screamed and begged for his life but the correctional officers laughed. They killed him. Katherine Fernandez Rundle refused to charge the officers for any wrongdoing. If I had been your State Attorney, I would have pressed charges.”

“It’s time for a change and it’s time for accountability and reform.  I’m Melba Pearson and I humbly ask for your vote for Miami-Dade State Attorney.”