A Movement For Equal Justice

Real Reform For A Stronger & Safer Miami-Dade

Melba is committed to commonsense reforms that focus on rehabilitation, reduce racial disparities, reduce pre-trial jail populations, and save taxpayers’ money. Resources saved by these reforms will be used to prioritize the prosecution of violent sexual crimes and violent gun crimes. It is time for a new era of accountability and justice in Miami-Dade County.

Restorative Justice

Work to repair the harm caused to victims of crime and prioritize rehabilitation over punishment.

Juvenile Justice

End the school-to-prison pipeline and keep kids out of the adult criminal justice system.

Real Accountability

Hold corrupt law enforcement and public officials responsible for misconduct.

New Priorities

Prioritize and aggressively prosecute domestic violence, sexual violence, and gun violence cases.

Equal Justice

Root out discrimination and racial bias that exists at every level of Miami-Dade's criminal justice system.